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Follow a homeless musician’s rare odyssey into an incredible world that teaches him about freedom and love. See how his unusual friendship with a flock of wild parrots in San Francisco guides him in his discovery of the true meaning of his life. View the trailer.

New Yorkers Jacques Servin and Igor Vamos have turned hoaxes into an art. The dynamic duo impersonate corporate spokesmen to expose corruption and greed. Their media stunts are brilliant social commentary and a form of justice of the people, by the people, and for the people. Subversive and funny, this is culture jamming at its best. Watch on YouTube.

Four years in the making, the filmmakers captured an intimate portrait of the astonishing journey of different species of migratory birds across breathtaking continents and oceans. See the world completely from a bird’s-eye view and feel the thrill of flight. Watch on YouTube.

Go inside the world of Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Follow the no-compromise journey of one man who dares to defy society and risk everything to continue defending marine animals under endless human assault. Watch it for free. This film is also known as The Whale Warrior: Pirate for the Sea.

An intense look at one of the most maligned political figures in modern American history. Ralph Nader remains a humble champion of the people. His unapologetic determination to do the right thing is extraordinary. Watch on YouTube.

The electric car could have been the great innovation of the 1990s. So who squelched the promise of the revolutionary electric car? The usual suspects murdered technological progress: oil companies, car manufacturers, the federal government, the California Air Resources Board, hydrogen fuel cell proponents, and consumers who betrayed the electric car for the SUV. Watch on Vimeo.

Billions of animals around the world are terrorized and killed each year. Filmmaker Shaun Monson dares to ask the uncomfortable question that we as a society must ask ourselves in the 21st century: what happens in the daily existence of animals with no freedom? What really goes on in slaughterhouses, unethical and unscientific vivisection labs*, rodeos, circuses, zoos, oceanariums, and other business empires that make their profits from the lives of animals? A peaceful world with justice is only possible when the last cage is empty. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. Watch it for free at the site of Nation Earth.

*Veterinary surgeon Dr. André Menache says: “A significant proportion of the funds distributed for basic research is wasted on animal experiments. I use the word wasted because animal studies are not predictive of human outcome. This fact is supported by systematic reviews, complexity theory and evolutionary biology. In the era of the human genome, let us fund studies that rely on our DNA, human cell culture, microfluidics, non invasive imaging and the like. That is what good science is all about.”


Use The Internet Movie Database. For an optimal cinematic experience, watch films at the local movie theater when possible. DVDs offer better image resolution than online options. Check public library catalogs for DVD titles. Don’t forget to use the interlibrary loan service if your library doesn’t carry a particular title in its collection.