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Green Homes

Dreaming about living like a hobbit from The Lord of the Rings? Take a look inside this endearing permaculture home
in the United Kingdom.

An American eco-friendly home created out of the wildest imagination.

See Earthship Biotecture for homes to suit every budget and style. Self-sufficient features include: made with natural and recycled materials; contained sewage treatment; thermal/solar heating and cooling; solar and wind electricity; water harvesting; and year-round food production capability.

The most abundant and natural building material on earth is dirt. Make a cozy Eco-Dome for about $3000 with Superadobe technology. It’s strong enough to resist floods, wind storms, earthquakes, and fire. The architect
Nader Khalili originally presented this concept to NASA for lunar habitats. That’s why they’re also known as moon cocoons. View a 3-minute video.


Sustainable living on this planet must transcend the quicksand of politics and capitalism. Visionary architect Michael Reynolds offers real hope for the future with do-it-yourself off-grid homes. How would you like your utility bill to be about $20 per year? Grow a garden that includes bananas? Never worry about a power outage during a thunderstorm? This is only the beginning for endless possibilities of the true American Dream and personal freedom.