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Sprouts & Green Smoothies

Ready to explore advanced nutrition? Enjoy natural raw foods. The less processed the food, the more healthy it is for you and the earth.


Decades ago during wartime, the U.S. government actually sponsored a nationwide educational campaign to teach citizens about sprouting. To learn the basics of sprouting, go to Sprouting 101. For details about growing microgreens, seeds, nuts, grains, and beans, check out the handy Sprouting Instructions.

Our bodies convert complex carbohydrates into sugars. It’s how we get energy. Sprouted beans taste much sweeter than cooked beans. The starch in sprouted beans is already converted into sugars. This makes digestion easier and saves us from using energy to get energy.

[Photo below of starfruit, sunflower sprouts, green mung bean sprouts, and edible nasturtium flowers by Isabell Shipard.]


Revolutionary, remarkably simple, and very yummy. Leafy greens are a rich source of calcium and protein. Drink green smoothies daily to strengthen your immune system. Sip your way to a biologically younger body.

Here are 15 free recipes to get you started.

by Laughing Gorilla

2 cups cold orange juice
½ cup frozen berries of your choice
1 very ripe banana
2-4 leaves of leafy greens such as kale (¾ – 1 cup of smaller greens)
2 teaspoons ground flaxseeds
optional dash of cinnamon powder

Mix everything in a blender.
Serve immediately.


Orange juice and banana make a basic, naturally sweet foundation for smoothies. For a super-sweet fruit smoothie, just omit the greens and flaxseeds. You can add a bit of maple syrup, too. But a ripe banana or two will probably be sweet enough.

Green smoothies provide optimal health, and it’s much easier to drink your greens to maximize your daily intake of leafy greens. Leafy greens that work best are kale, dinosaur kale, Romaine lettuce, Swiss chard, baby spinach, beet greens, and watercress. Destem the kale and Swiss chard.

Invent your own delicious recipes with a variety of fruits and juices. You can also add a carrot or about a ½-inch piece of fresh ginger to boost nutrition.

Tips: Stock up on frozen strawberries and/or blueberries in three pound containers. If using fresh fruit, then chop up and freeze a banana. You want to use some kind of frozen fruit so that you don’t need to use ice, which dilutes the flavors. For convenience, grind a cup of flaxseeds in a blender until it becomes flaxmeal. It’s easiest to grind a half cup at a time. Store in an airtight glass jam jar in the freezer. This way you won’t need to keep grinding flaxmeal, and it’s fresher than flaxmeal you can buy at the grocery store.